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School of Pharmacy

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Pharmacy Programs

Through its groundbreaking approach to education and research, the School of Pharmacy at the AUMS-Kuwait prepares students to fill the role of the pharmacist as a direct care provider and key member of the healthcare team. Programs combine rigorous basic sciences with extensive clinical training and offer new, innovative methods in pharmaceutical care and research, in order to ensure students a successful future in the profession of pharmacy.
Today’s pharmacist must be able to provide pharmaceutical care in a variety of healthcare settings. Responding to the profession’s changing environment, the PharmD program has added innovative new courses to its class offerings, while incorporating problem-solving skills, multidisciplinary team-based teaching and computer technology to its curriculum.

The School of Pharmacy of AUMS-Kuwait prepares the professional and graduate pharmacy students of today to be the pharmacy students of today to be the pharmacy practitioners and pharmaceutical sciences researchers of tomorrow. We contribute to improve health by advancing patient care and the discovery and understanding of medicines.

The curriculum of the PharmD Program is designed to provide students with a multidisciplinary educational experience which prepares them for contemporary pharmacy practice.

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PharmD Program

Faculty Research

Research in the School of Pharmacy is conducted by our faculty in both the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences and the Department of Pharmacy Practice. The research faculty is focus on medicinal chemistry and natural products, pharmacology and pharmaceutics and pharmacokinetics, drug use management and pharmacoeconomic studies, cardiovascular drug effects and anti-infectious disease.

School of Pharmacy students have many academic and research opportunities to work directly with nationally and internationally recognized faculty and researchers. School of Pharmacy faculty is a rich and diverse blend of scientists and clinicians that includes experts in various medical fields. Students and faculty member will have the opportunity to investigate, experiment, and carry out research in the broad are of the clinical and basic pharmaceutical sciences to create and maintain a body of knowledge needed for professional education, health care delivery and the advancement of science.