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College of Dental Medicine

Dental medicine Programs

The College of Dental Medicine is committed to deliver quality dental education using innovative technology such as digital clinical simulations, interactive learning approach along with an integrated and comprehensive treatment care concept. A continuous internal and external evaluation of the curriculum will be carried out and analysis of the results will help to review the curriculum to improve the quality of the program.

The six years dental education program will provide students competencies and skills to carry qualitative dental practice through an innovative & well balanced study plan which integrates biological & medical sciences, clinically oriented didactic courses, clinical simulations & clinical exposures.

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Undergraduate DMD

Continuing Education

Faculty Research

AUMS Policy is to encourage faculty to conduct research as part of the careers in addition to teaching, the research department is allocated in the school of dental medicine for the different departments of the research areas with related to the oral biology, clinical research and environment research. The head of research department will be the most supportive to faculty research. Also, AMS will recall grant for researchers which implies special nature and support to the society of Kuwait.

Student Research

Student will be encouraged to conduct research project in research department for those master degree denominated in different fields supported by the advisor as request for their degree dental public health research will become especially for general society health of Kuwait.