The School of Pharmacy's vision is to generate qualified and competent professional healthcare providers in the field of Clinical Pharmacy in accordance with the new trend and in line with the vision of the University.

It is our vision is to be globally prominent in pharmacy and health care education, inter-professional, patient-centered care, and collaborative education and research.


The School of Pharmacy mission is to produce a new generation of Doctor of Pharmacy who will be exposed to the progress achieved in the field of Pharmacy in order to achieve competencies in delivering healthcare services in their field.

Our college will provide a strong foundation in the knowledge, integration and application of the biomedical, pharmaceutical and clinical sciences resulting in practitioners who are, capable of providing patient-centered care and leaders in advancing the pharmacy profession.

Goals & Aims

1. Integrity in all what we do
2. Professionalism
3. To provide students with in-depth knowledge in the field of Pharmacy practice
4. To prepare students to contribute in the development of our community
5. To prepare pharmacy graduates with the attitudes, knowledge, skills, and abilities, to become highly qualified pharmacists
6. To develop professionals skills and commit to the process of lifelong learning