Other Facilities


Dental School library consist of an electronic library portion and classic library portion with all textbook references that might be needed by dental students and other medical sciences student. The library has been design to have the most modern system of library in the loan and elearning system in additional to most recent research, periodical and medical scientific journals. The library initially can host more than 100 students and fully computerized, in addition of WiFi system to serve students and faculty.


A main food court in cafeteria in and out the building which will provide a typical comfort area for student and faculty. Wifi is available in the area in addition to a variety of food and snacks in students break time will be open all the day.


A large auditorium for majorevents and seminars which can hold up to 330 attendants. The auditorium is equipped with all data show technology and acoustic fabrication which will also hold the events of the school.

Prayer Areas

A segregated Prayer area is provided for male and female in the school building open all the day.