The College of Health Sciences offers a unique opportunity for students to understand health issues from biological, behavioral and community based perspectives through the integration of basic and health sciences.

Our vision is to become one of the leading health sciences colleges where a diversity of students, scientists and professionals who will combine learning, discovery and technology, to improve the health services for our community. Clinical training for our students will be based on a problem-based thinking education.


The College of Health Sciences aims to provide high quality education related to health issues and contribute to the community.

Goals & Aims

1. To provide students with in-depth knowledge in the field of health sciences.
2. To prepare students to contribute in the development of their community.
3. To prevent potential diseases, educate people on ways to maintain proper health.
4. To expose students to clinical experience within qualified professional team.
5. To contribute in the development of health care services.
6. To develop skills and commit to the process of lifelong learning.