AUMS-Kuwait is a Kuwaiti Private University using the American education style as a guide for excellent education in medical field through cooperation and affiliation with the best American Universities in Medical educational field.


The American University for Medical Sciences (AUMS) is an educational foundation with a mission to create generations of professional graduates in different Sciences of Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy and Health Sciences. It also aims to increase the qualification of existing graduates in these fields through continuous education to serve the community in Kuwait and Regional arena.


AUMS aims to serve the Kuwait society and Regional arena through:

  • Increase and improving the quality of Medical Education in Kuwait and Middle East Region.

  • Create and support academic environment.

  • Contribute in Medical Sciences advances through studies; translation and Researches to improve Medical services.

  • Teaching health care providers and professional, the ethics and cultural heritage of the region.

University Special Features:

  • Being the first unique University in Kuwait and the Region that specializes in all Medical education branches with a complete medical education campus with the vision for continuous advances and expansion thus, making it unique in the area.

  • Possesses cooperation and affiliation agreements with one of the best Medical education Institution in the U.S.

  • Considered as a cultural feature in Kuwait thus indicating the special attention.

  • The presence of Teaching Hospital linked to International U.S Medical Institution, high quality and specialized treatment will be provided including those that are clinically difficult to treat.

  • There will be an exchange in research between AUMS and International research institution to serve the local and regional community.